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HIV - Looking after your sexual health (PO1051)

This booklet can only give you general information.  HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus.  Once someone acquires HIV, he virus remains in their body for the rest of their life.  There is currently no cure for HIV, however, treatment enables most people with HIV to live a long, healthy life, especially if the are diagnosed soon after being infected. 

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The Red Ribbon - World Aids Day

The red ribbon is the universal symbol of awareness and support for people living with HIV. Wearing a ribbon is a great way to raise awareness on and during the run up to World AIDS Day.

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HIV. It's better to know

Testing for HIV only takes 60 seconds

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World Aids Day display banner

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Every year on the 1 December people across the globe mark World AIDS Day: the international day to remember those who have died because of AIDS, to prevent new cases of HIV and to stand in solidarity with people living with the virus.


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The facts about PrEP

PrEP is a course of mediction taken by HIV negative people before sex to protect themselves from HIV.  Taking the medication before sex means it blocks HIV if it gets into your body - before it has the chance to infect you.

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